Susanne Brix

"Approximately 7 years ago, I began my therapy with Oliver. I had become very used to the many symptoms of my chronic intestinal infections. Since my first year of life, my intestinal walls had been punctured by candida fungus causing extreme eczema, a highly battered liver, chronic fatigue, recurring depression and many other deficiencies such as anemia... along with everything else a chronic candida infection inflicts.

Up until then, I had been able to maintain my health due to intensive Yoga practice and very strict and difficult diets, including repeated fasting. After having spent years of trying out different therapies, I had little hope of ever achieving an improved state of health. Ten years before, my illness caused by a genetic defect, had been practically declared incurable.
However, today, through Oliver’s insistance, permanent innovation and deep perception, I only get symptoms through diet blunders, or when the seasons change and the humidity (together with the fungus) increases. These symptoms are mainly light eczema and itching, and are quickly brought back under control. Thanks to Oliver, the times of inhuman diets are behind me, and I can finally enjoy meals, together with my husband and three children, without having to think about each mouthful. My skin, especially my hands, used to be covered with open, humid eczemas that were very painful, have now completely recovered and shows no signs at all.
On my path of inner growth, Oliver still stands by my side with his plentitude of experience as a therapist and friend, even though now at a larger distance."


Gloria Crespo

"I began my therapy with Oliver in February 2009. I was hospitalised on the 25 December 2008 as a result of 2 hemorrhages of the duodenum, due to a vascularisation at the junction of the pancreas with the duodenum. Three cancerous patches had appeared in the pancreas and metastases in the kidney.
When I arrived at Oliver’s consultation, I was in a very bad state - with little weight and huge problems with regards to the Chemotherapy I was supposed to follow. Under Oliver’s guidance, I was able to bear the whole procedure better and after only a few months, I was glad to lead an almost normal life. Now, although I am not through with the therapy, I can swim, walk and travel again, and my attitude towards life has improved. I am very grateful for all your help."


Ian King

"My holidays in Tarifa were incomplete without at least one visit to Oliver. Every problem I had with my back was quickly and expertly identified and solved within two sessions. Over the last ten years he has constantly, calmly and efficiently rectified every problem I created with bad posture, horseriding accidents, windsurfing strains, travel exhaustion and everyday stress and illness. Using a variety of techniques, both direct and indirect he has rebalanced both body and spirit every time I visited him, leaving me walking taller and straighter both physically and mentally. Now that he has returned to Bavaria, we will have to reschedule our holidays from Spain to Germany as the tonic he provides to overworked muscles, bones and psyche is too valuable, once experienced, to go without. Tarifa's loss is Bavrias's gain. We will miss his expertise tremendously."