"Trust is an oasis of the heart, that will never be reached
by the caravan of thought."

Khalil Gibran

Body in Flow
Body in Flow
Body in Flow


Life is expressed in motion. The essential purpose should be to remain in flowing balance on all levels. It is movement that enables us to understand our surroundings and ourselves. Newborns automatically move in order to link all their body systems together. Interferences often occur at this stage.

Toddlers brought up in playpens do not have the same opportunities to develop their static system as children that may crawl around freely.

Children pushed to walking prematurely may not develop the necessary muscle strength as children who choose in their own time when to confront gravity and walk on their own (crawling greatly stimulates the development of backmuscles, and also the coordination).

The posture enables us to understand a person. Sadness, fear or anger are quickly diagnosed through posture.
How does malposture originate, why do some people find it difficult to sit, stand or walk straight? Why do, for instance, the shoulders slope forwards?

My approach is, first of all, to analyse the person in the standing position in order to balance out irregularities in this all too critical but basic function of standing. At this point, irritations on all levels can manifest themselves.

In the case of the playpen child, I may for example find disfunctions in the spacial awareness. As a result of standing too early and not being strong enough to support the whole body, an unnatural curve of the spine may have been caused (scoliosis). However, an unnatural posture may be caused by a particular organ (due to its inflammation or functional instability).

An emotional, energetic or spiritual problem may also present itself as a result of this stagnation - this lack of flow. Through the Arm Test (see Armreflex after R. van Assche), the subconscious sends exact information as to what should be treated and in what priority.

Only when „The Flow“ has been reestablished in the standing position, does it make sense to test the person in the horizontal position, in order to delve deeper into that person’s history. The therapy proceeds from the outer layer to the inner layer.

Systems such as

  • the regulation ability (reaction ability of the subconsious)
  • the stability of the electromagnetic field (aura)
  • the awareness of the polarities experienced over the skin
  • compensation of chronic complaints

are diagnosed and neutralized, brought into flow. Every step of the therapy, every change automatically leads to motion in the ‚whole’. This is „The Flow“ that I mean. Nothing is stable, everything is in motion, and when one part of the ‚whole’ has been altered, all other parts may suddenly act differently. Apart from removing illness, it also increases the energy that fulfills us and allows true self-determination. Only when we are in „Flow“, do we recognise ourselves, why we are on this earth and can face our challenges with our full strength.
To deepen the effect of these vital and fundamental issues, I additionally work with „Free Dance“; the benefit being to free oneself of certain patterns that mirror and reflect restricted awareness. „Free Dance“ guides the dancer to areas of the body which are stuck - the body‘s way of closing up. Through dance practice body language becomes clearer, revealing and enhancing a healthy being. Different music and rhythms facilitate the contact with the multidimensional aspects of the soul. Everything is possible, if I just let it happen.

Bodyinflow – every person carries the answer within – in the subconscious everything that makes us what we are is memorized - nothing is ever forgotten.
Out with the old, in with the new. Letting go of superfluous, suffocating burdens, braving to face the unknown and embracing new opportunities for growth - this is the healing process!