The Spirit

In my opinion, the highest form of Healing. Out of the collective subconscious (C.G. Jung) every person is capable of Where do we come from, where are we heading?
This question will probably never be answered fully.
We can only imagine.

Near-death experiences, and reports from people such as Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, give us a slight view into this topic. However, our analytical mind is sceptical and does not permit us to understand this phenomena deeply.
Many teachings show how to let go of the past, the unnecesary, the burdens, and how to live in the present fully.
For a couple of years now, I have integrated not only ,Innerwise‘ into my therapy, but learned how to recognize the missing potencial and developed my own way to heal the soul.

There is nothing more beautiful than to witness a person awakening, and to finally realise the immense potential that lies within his soul. To translate all our qualities into every day life, is the work with our soul.