The Emotions

Obviously, our feelings have an either positive or opposite effect on our body. How often have traumatic experiences left scares in our emotional field and guided us to certain patterns that are far from our own life plan?
As a result of traumatic incidents, our life force withdraws. Many disturbances are thus created. Emotions have direct influence on the consequent organ. For instance ,sorrow‘ can weaken the lung, and vice versa a weak lung can provoke ,sorrow‘. Anger‘ irritates the liver, however it is also a sign of a liver in distress.

Bach - and other Flower Essences, Tuning Forks, Free Dance, Innerwise Frequencies, as well as excercises out of Bioenergetics (Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen) are used to allow a natural flow of self awareness. It is also important to address the subject and via „homework tasks“ stimulate the personal growing process and the releasing of old patterns.