The Body

The body needs a functional system to enable freedom of movement. Throughout our life, the body accumulates and stores different types of injuries, and is at the same time constantly trying to achieve an upright posture. In this process, we may reach a state of compensation, which may however result in a variety of disorders. Pain is a symptom and generally does not show the root of the problem. Therefore, the therapy is often initiated in a totally different place.
Essential functions, such as equilibrium (Orthostatik) and the body’s perception in the 3 dimensions (Propioception) need to reach harmonic interaction.

The techniques used are following:

Osteopathy is a manually performed diagnostic and therapeutic  system. Bad posture, stress-related tension or injuries are compensated for and adjusted to, by our body, which has an amazingly efficient ability to adapt and balance out these compensations for a long period of time. However, once the limit has been reached, the function of the organs and the body as a whole, begin to suffer. Deterioration in our general well-being and pain are often the first signs that something is wrong.

AORT – autonomous reposition technique (after R. van Assche). This is performed on the spindelapparatus and serves the regulation of tissue matter (musclespindle establishes the tone of a ligament, a muscle or a fascia).

Cranialsacral Therapy is a very gentle method of contact with the cerebrospinal fluid, the nervous system, the membranes that surround the nervous system and the sacrum. The therapy is used in many cases e.g. migraines, back – knee and other articulation pains, jawproblems, up to deep emotional trauma.

Phonophorese - healing with sound (Tuning Forks). In certain cases, due to shifts and bonding of the skeletal frame, the person is no longer able to be in resonance with all the frequencies of the universe (chinese medicine – human beings are expressions of heaven and earth energy: Yin-Yang). These frequencies are used in the treatment (e.g. planet tunes). This allows the body to give way for the following manual therapy. For instance, sometimes an area in the aura field has to be opened first, before continuing with the physical aspect. Or a cranium trauma that has lead to a glued fascia, benefits from gentle guidance with the appropriate Tuning Fork, allowing the movement of fluids to flow again.

Connective Tissue Massage and other types of massage, such as, Acupressure, Sportmassage, Foot Reflexology, act as a relief for the connective tissue, the meridians, the muscle structure and reflexology areas. Special techniques are used accordingly. Active Movement Excercises, Bioenergetics and Free Dance are also essential elements used to stabilise and unblock the body.